The ACSC Inc. Method

The ACSC Inc. method is fundamental in helping us ascertain a well-defined path for our clients’ financial future. It begins with identifying goals and ambitions. ACSC Inc.’s advisory team in Beijing then formulates the basis of a plan to move forward in the most suitable way.

Phase 1
  • Involves completing a client financial questionnaire, highlighting goals and objectives
  • Discusses all the client's financial concerns
  • Confirms and records personal investment limitations
  • Defines volatility and risk acceptance limits
Phase 2
  • Identifies the most suitable strategies to achieve the client's goals
  • Reviews current retirement planning preparations (where appropriate)
  • Puts forward asset allocation combinations for the portfolio incorporating different asset classes
  • Focuses on individual investments for each asset class
  • Seeks client agreement to proceed with the plan.
Phase 3
  • Executes the agreed strategy
  • Involves client-retained professionals such as accountants in discussions when appropriate.
  • Purchases investments in accordance with the accepted investment plan
  • Prepares and issues regular investment reports
Phase 4: Fortifying the portfolio
  • Supervises all investments concentrating on market circumstances and macroeconomic outlook
  • Fine-tuning asset distribution and weighting of asset classes as needed
  • Informs client about the latest investment opportunities as they develop