ACSC Inc. Investment Management

What is Investment Management?

Investment Management is the activity of charting a safe route through the volatile waters that typify the business of building and protecting capital. Ashcroft Cohen Strategic Capital (ACSC Inc.)’s advisory office in Beijing provides premium Investment Management solutions to individuals, families and organisations. We have a number of choices for clients to select from depending on their individual situations.

Discretionary Services

Our discretionary investment management solution is especially attractive to those wishing to maintain supervision of their financial affairs but may not have the time, ability or aptitude to run their own portfolio successfully. This could be for many reasons, such as having a busy life, spending lots of time travelling or merely having the desire for a less demanding life.

Bespoke Discretionary

The ACSC Inc. bespoke discretionary solution, as the name suggests, is planned and created to best suit the way of life and expected return requirements of the client. For example, a portfolio can be shaped to generate recurring payments to cover annual expenses or holidays or a higher risk tolerance to produce a more substantial capital amount at a particular time in the future to, perhaps, fund a retirement annuity.

What are the advantages?

  • A highly-experienced investment manager handles client holdings.
  • All holdings are managed in accordance with the client's agreed mandate, objectives and risk tolerances.
  • The portfolio can be structured to avoid areas that you do not want to invest in for ethical or religious reasons such as alcohol, arms or tobacco.
  • Investment decisions can be acted on immediately as there is no delay between deciding to buy or sell and the physical trade being made, leading to more accurate and profitable transactions.
  • A comprehensive valuation and performance report are supplied periodically or at the client’s request.
  • Clients can view their portfolio online using our web portal and see the value and constituent holdings. Clients have direct contact with their investment manager
  • Holdings are held in ACSC Inc. nominee accounts to safeguard against loss and speed up transaction execution.

Advisory Services

Our advisory investment management solution accommodates clients who favour more of a "hands-on" approach to handling their investments. This could be because of a greater knowledge of investing or, perhaps, more free time to devote to their financial future and prosperity. Advisory portfolios can result in the delayed execution of trades as consent is sought with the client before any transactions are carried out. Opportunities can be missed if the client is not immediately contactable.