ACSC Inc. Mission Statement

Our mission at Ashcroft Cohen Strategic Capital (ACSC Inc.) is to be the foremost wealth management company in the Beijing area. We believe in “protection first” in our wealth management strategies. We are dedicated to helping individuals, families and organisations attain financial well-being by Creating, Preserving and Protecting wealth through advanced, inventive strategies and the best available financial products and services.


We help our clients to generate wealth by assisting them to make wise financial choices and applying the most innovative wealth management strategies available. Our resolve is to help our clients make informed decisions about their financial future so they can effectively formulate and realise their long-term goals.


Our wide-ranging insight of markets and investments enables us to consistently improve the financial standing of our clients by providing a superior quality service alongside the most effective approaches.


By delivering an extensive range of superior quality solutions, we can help safeguard our clients’ assets and enable them to afford the next generation with financial security.

Client First Thinking

We continuously put our clients first and treat them as valued partners in our business. We believe in making a connection with our clients by considering them as part of our family. We believe in the utmost levels of honesty and transparency, and we vow that we will protect the financial accomplishments of every one of our clients.