Private Client Management

Ashcroft Cohen Strategic Capital (ACSC Inc.)’s private client advisors in Beijing have an average of 16 years working in the investment field and have safely steered client wealth through bull, bear and flat markets along with changing sociopolitical environments.

Everybody wants a secure, steady portfolio - the sort of anxiety-free mixture of holdings that seem almost to manage themselves. Many investment houses purport to offer this level of protection, but the reality does not always meet the expectations. Stable and consistent portfolios do not come about by chance and are always an amalgamation of economic understanding, analysis, and focused research. At ACSC Inc. we strive to bring you that winning combination every decision we take. We have a dedication to wealth management that complements the desire and financial ambitions of our clients.

The right investment of your precious capital starts with an erudite wealth manager who fully grasps your unique circumstances. Our wealth managers have a vested interest in your success and are trusted partners on the journey towards your financial goals. We have some of the best and brightest advisers in the business who are motivated to go the extra distance required to protect and grow what is financially most important to you.

Whether it is expanding your company, donating to good causes, or saving for upcoming expenses, a wealth manager will support you in achieving your goals. Sometimes, life is so busy with pressing matters that we forget to look at the bigger picture. ACSC Inc. wealth managers help you to realise that image in a way that is clear and logical. Above all else, our wealth managers bring certainty and security to your financial choices.

Our clients do not depend on good fortune - they have grown their capital bases by earning them, day after day, concentrating on long-term goals. Predictably, they have selected a wealth management company that has the same attitude and methods.

Our Private Client Management Team has the capabilities you can trust. With decades of collective experience, they have successfully managed portfolios in all types of market conditions. We devote time and effort to developing personal relationships that underpin our understanding of your needs, as your investment aims and ambitions evolve.

We also acknowledge that wealth management is much more than simple investment management. As such, our Portfolio Managers purposely limit the number of clients that they have, which enables them to give time to be an available support at all the defining moments in your financial life.