ACSC Inc. Commitment

If you only know three facts about Ashcroft Cohen Strategic Capital (ACSC Inc.), it should be these.

1: We are client-centric.

At ACSC Inc., our clients are the heart and soul of our company. As such, we enjoy close-knit relations with them in the areas that count. They are high-net-worth individuals (or those with a desire to be) who have worked hard and achieved much. They understand the value of an active investment approach devised to produce a realistic rate of return while still being mindful of the hazards associated with investing. They selected ACSC Inc. because they want investment specialists who also form personal relationships and appreciate how individual and personal priorities should sculpt investment strategies. Beyond investment advice, we offer guidance with estate planning, education financing, and other major decisions that have to be made and depend on us for insight and direction at all of life’s crossroads.

We recognise that our clients want to increase the stability of their investments yet still produce a healthy level of return. Consequently, we construct our investment portfolios with a carefully selected combination of cash, international stocks, bonds and developing opportunities to maximise profits while minimising exposure and risk.

2: We are discerning.

At ACSC Inc. we understand there are endless approaches to making money in the financial markets. Nevertheless, we intentionally focus on hand-picked strategies with a correct risk/reward balance. Our emphasis is on top class bonds and preferred stock for the cautious part of our strategy. We also study the wider world to uncover opportunities for the more aggressive elements of our strategy. Here we apportion most of our investment into large-cap dividend-producing shares. Lastly, we consider that instability in the financial markets will persist and alternative investments can augment the previous approaches to reducing total risk while still enhancing the performance.

3: We are dedicated.

At ACSC Inc., we are dedicated to our vision of, "Creating the foremost offshore wealth management company in Beijing". All teams at ACSC Inc. are committed to becoming the best at their respective specialities, whether it is our in-house researchers who scour the world for the most profitable opportunities, or our investment management team who build and oversee portfolios constructed in line with our client's personal goals. Also, our back of house team safeguards client privacy and makes sure that reports are clear and easy to understand for clients and their other professional advisers. The client services team are the bridge between the client and respond to client requests. We are all absolutely dedicated to our clients who, in turn, have given us their trust.