About Us

Ashcroft Cohen Strategic Capital (ACSC Inc.) is a leading Private Wealth Management company situated in the vibrant and forward-looking financial centre of Beijing. From our base in China, we scour the world markets and seize opportunities wherever and whenever they materialise to benefit our client base.

We welcome clients from all corners of the globe, and in general, we cater to High Net Worth Individuals and those who aspire to be.

We recognise that our clients want to increase the stability of their investments and still produce a healthy level of return. Consequently, our investment portfolios are constructed with a carefully selected combination of cash, international stocks, bonds and developing opportunities to maximise profits while minimising exposure and risk.

We offer these solutions because we appreciate that personal circumstances vary widely. We make use of our in-house team of independent and talented researchers, as well as external research and analysis, to build sustainable and profitable long-term portfolios for all our clients. We are dedicated to being the best that we can be for all your wealth management needs.

At ACSC Inc., our clients are central to all that we do and the motivation behind our business success. We recognise that it is necessary to spend our time and energy developing personal relationships which will aid enduring and flexible professional management, as your own needs and circumstances evolve.

As an independent wealth management provider, we can assure all our clients that there will be no conflicts of interest that sometimes arise with tied brokers. We do not promote any investment for commissions or payment, and all advice is given in the best interests of our clients without prejudice.

Every investment strategy that we develop is designed expertly around the clients’ needs, wants and risk tolerance and is based on the criteria we previously agreed with the family or individual.

Although we present conventional investment solutions - shares, bonds and cash, we are not confined by historical norms. Today’s evolving financial atmosphere requires flexibility and an aptitude for recognising emerging opportunities. Diversification into these areas can enhance overall performance significantly.

Being firm believers in clarity and honesty, ACSC Inc. welcomes the involvement of any client retained professionals such as accountants or legal representatives involved in such issues as tax and estate planning or philanthropic giving.