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At ACSC Inc., we do not treat clients differently because of the value of their investment with us. Our sole concern is to determine whether there is a fundamental fit between their requirements and our investment management services.

The ACSC Inc. team includes some of the most talented individuals in the business and is dedicated to recognising great ideas through innovation — in both thinking and execution.

Our process and investment decisions are backed by a structured approach to opportunities, all closely aligned with client interests. We take a long-term view and find out the real underlying value of an investment, all of which is reinforced by painstaking risk management procedures.

The thoroughness of our research process gives us the conviction to make meaningful investments in companies whose current value has been determined by investors who do not look further than immediate circumstances.

Our focus is investment management, and we build diversified portfolios to generate consistent returns that meet or exceed client expectations.

The continued success and well-being of our clients is and has always been our number one priority.


At ACSC Inc., our clients are central to all that we do and the motivation behind our business success. We recognise that it is vital to spend our time and energy developing personal relationships which will aid enduring and flexible professional management as your own needs and circumstances develop over time.

Our Commitment

All the teams at ACSC Inc. are dedicated to becoming the best at their respective specialities, whether it's our in-house researchers who scour the world for the most profitable opportunities, to our investment management team who build and oversee portfolios constructed in line with our client's personal goals.

Our Method

The ACSC Inc. method is crucial in helping us to ascertain a well-defined path for our client's financial outlook. It begins with specifically identifying their goals and ambitions. ACSC Inc.’s advisory team in Beijing then formulates the basis of a plan to proceed in the most suitable way.